It's November, time to start stacking that holiday shopping money.
It's November, time to start stacking that holiday shopping money.
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NFL Football, Week 9: This Weekend's Best Bets

Full disclosure — I am writing this post on three hours of sleep. I just woke up with breath that smells like I made out with an ashtray (multiple cigars smoked) and an empty glass of Larceny Bourbon next to the bed. I am still wearing the same BEAT LA shirt that I wore for every Astros game since Game 3. I am a mess...and the HOUSTON ASTROS ARE WORLD CHAMPIONS!

I say all of that to tell you that this will be as rapid of a rapid-fire gambling post as you're ever seen from me. I also tell you all that to tell you that the HOUSTON ASTROS ARE WORLD CHAMPIONS!!! Holy mother of all that is scared, this feels good.

Now, let's keep this good feeling going with some picks...

NOTRE DAME -14 over Wake Forest
The first set of College Football Playoff rankings came out and the Irish were ranked third in the nation. They will need to keep pounding teams by more than 20 points per game (something they've done in every win) to keep that spot. We've bet them the past two weeks, and they've come through. The trend is our friend, and ND defensive coordinator Mike Elko was Wake's DC last season, and therefore he is NOT their friend. Taking the Irish here.

TCU -7 over Texas
TCU is No. 8 in the first set of CFP rankings, so they need to thrash teams even more than Notre Dame does. The Horned Frogs are coming off a tough loss at Iowa State. I think they bounce back big this weekend.

Arizona +7 over USC
If you're a U of H fan saying "Wow, we beat Arizona in our first game of the season, and now they're in the Top 25! Good for us!"...well, yeah, I suppose, but be glad that you missed the Khalil Tate Express. Since installing the new QB, Rich Rodriguez's crew has been on fire, averaging well over 40 points a game with the new signal caller. Staying within seven points of a good but not great USC should be very doable.

JETS +3.5 over Bills
The Bills have been one of the real surprises in the AFC this season, with a 5-2 record that is among the best in the conference. Here's the thing — I don't think that they are one of the best teams in the AFC. They are a really good home team (4-0 at home), but this one is on the road, and the Jets have been pretty competitive themselves for a team that everyone thought was tanking the season. A spread of more than a field goal at home with the frisky Jets is too good to pass up.

EAGLES -9 over Broncos
As if this week could get any better — have I mentioned that the HOUSTON ASTROS ARE WORLD CHAMPIONS!!! — Brock Osweiler is now back in our lives, full force. He is the starting quarterback for the Denver Broncos this week. When Osweiler was last starting at quarterback for the Broncos, Gary Kubiak was somehow making him look serviceable, serviceable enough for the Texans to fall in love with him to the tune of $37 million in guaranteed money. Denver will find out quickly that Gary Kubiak is no longer there, and Brock is awful. For the record, he is still spewing nonsense at press conferences. He has this beauty yesterday — "There is an old saying, ball security is job security." He said that. I hate Brock's old sayings, and I hate Brock. But I love betting against Brock. Eagles by 24.

SEAHAWKS -7 over Redskins
Deshaun Watson had nearly 500 total yards against the Seahawks defense last week. He did it through extreme playmaking and next-level athletic ability. Going against Kirk Cousins will feel much easier for the Seahawk D. They will not get torn up two weeks in a row. Taking the home team here, too.

Also, the HOUSTON ASTROS ARE WORLD CHAMPIONS!!! See you Friday at the parade, everybody!

LAST WEEK: 2-3-1
SEASON RECORD: 31-21-2 (59.6 percent)

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