Game Changer: Farouk Shami's Rap Song

Some may carp that it has come too late in the game to make a difference, but we ask you to listen to what we guess is called "Farouk is on Fire," by the rapper J. Xavier.

Shami is described in the song as "our future Texas governor," which at least leaves open the possibility that it's the 2014 or 2018 race being discussed.

Under an ominous riff, we hear all about Shami and his agenda and how he came to America with nothing and how he's like Obama (the Obama of "a couple years ago"), wanting change and all that.

The chorus: "Farouk is on fire / Serving the community, his number-one desire."

No hair-styling products are mentioned, which frankly we have to say is a bit of a missed-opportunity. Not even the hair-dryer that reverses baldness.

Shami's campaign calls the song "A last-minute push to win supporters and motivate Texans to the polls."

"I thank J. Xavier for his support and lending his amazing talents to our campaign," Shami saif in a statement that also did not include any mention of hair products.

Will J. Xavier's epic be played tonight at some late, private gathering of Bill White supporters celebrating victory? We don't know if they're hip enough.

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