Game Show Follies: Family Feud Survey Responders Are a Bunch of Pervs

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Certain game shows stand the test of time.

The Price Is Right, Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy!, they've all seen different hosts come and go (although each has its own iconic "Michael Jordan" level host associated historically with the show), and all continue to thrive and survive in either early morning television or syndication.

Family Feud is on that list as well.

Richard Dawson is probably the "Jordan" of Feud, but of the faces that have replaced him as host since then, Steve Harvey is becoming a very solid Scottie Pippen.

(By the way, in this analogy, Ray Combs is Steve Kerr, Louie Anderson is Will Perdue, and the dude from Home Improvement is whoever Jordan's shittiest teammate on the Wizards was.)

Harvey helps himself with his classic reactions to really stupid answers (which is roughly 78 percent of all the answers given by Feud contestants). Harvey is helped by the show's dynamic (again, consistently dumb contestants), along with an increasing flexibility by producers to allow some of the bawdier responses and moments to spill through on television.

We had one of those moments within the last week on the Feud.

The question was (insert "We asked 100 people..." here) ... "Tell me something that might be fully loaded...."

Now, the answers already posted to this question to this point were:


So you knew that 86 of the possible 100 points were already taken, and there aren't a ton of things that get the "Fully loaded" moniker slapped onto them outside of those three answers. Deep thinking would be required.

So behold our dude Jake, whose apparent freaky perversion and pent up man juice belies his bookish exterior and his, well, his purple bow tie (let's just call a spade a spade)....

Now it absolutely needs to be noted that Jake's answer to "Name something fully loaded..." wasn't "The male genital organ" or some third person sophomoric moniker like "A dude's man meat".

Jake's answer was "MYSELF." As in, "Me, Jake, I AM FULLY LOADED. Right now, this very instant, I am BONED UP and ready to POP, Steve. BACK AWAY!!!"

Um.....good answer, good answer...

The only thing that could have made this moment better would have been if, instead of saying "MYSELF," Jake used whatever pet name his wife has for his unit.

HARVEY: "Jake, name something that is fully loaded...."

JAKE: "THOR!" ...

HARVEY: "Thor?"

JAKE: (whips down pants, smiles and raises his arms) "THOR!"

(Then Jake begins pumping his arms like Daniel Bryan and screaming "THOR! THOR! THOR!")

Clearly, I've thought this thing through. Now back to reality....

Steve Harvey's reaction, again, is the reason why he is Pippen to Dawson's Jordan. Just a hilarious look, no words, and then a casual high five to Jake, who presumably is fidgeting because his burgeoning wood is ready to knock over the dais.

And just when you thought that Harvey would ask what the survey said, and we would get the big red X (y'know, since generally game shows don't allow someone's penis to be the answer to a question), you see an example of reason number two that the Feud rolls on in 2014.



Yes, that just happened.

If there is an intern at the Feud trying to fast track his or her way onto writing for Fallon or Kimmel, they made huge headway last week.

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