Game Time: Favre In Charge -- Season 3 Preview (w/ video of Season 1 and Season 2 recaps)

"Wow- what do you guys think of latest Favre news?? I am tied up on some other stuff this week, so I will be watching from afar like all you!" -- ESPN's Rachel Nichols on Twitter

When I saw Rachel Nichols' tweet that she wasn't sitting in Hattiesburg in front of Brett Favre's ranch, it felt more like a character being written out of a sitcom for a season than it did notification of a reporter on a different assignment.

And therein lies the most simultaneously exasperating and hilarious part about the rumors that Brett Favre told some of his teammates that he plans to retire (text messages allegedly saying "this is it.").

Favre In Charge is seasonal, hilarious, emotional, and sucks us in every year. Admit it, you watch the Brett Favre updates. You watched LeBron's Decision, too. It's ok. We're fascinated by indecision and narcissism. It's the foundation upon which reality television is built.

So to turn Sportscenter on today at 2:30 CST for the Brett Favre Special is really, to me, no different than firing up the season premiere of any number of predictable quasi-drama's on network TV.

It's Season Number 3 of Favre in Charge and the characters are still semi-compelling to me -- Brad Childress as the naive, always-getting-played old man, Sidney Rice and Adrian Peterson as the kids downstairs whose futures are somewhat hinged to the main character's welfare, Jared Allen as the goofy, buffonish sidekick, and of course Deanna Favre as the dutiful, not-at-all camera-shy wife.

And at the center of it all is Brett Favre, the attention whore golden-armed quarterback with the ego of LeBron heart of gold.

If you're worried about this third season being the final season of Favre in Charge, allow me to take you on a video recap of Seasons 1 and 2 --

RETIREMENT #1 - Favre says goodbye to Packers

INDECISION #1 - Favre asks to be released by Packers

COMEBACK #1 - Favre becomes a New York Jet!


RETIREMENT #2 - Favre retires...again! NO WAY!

COMEBACK #2 - Favre turns complete heel and goes to the Vikings

FAIL #2 - Favre butchers the final drive of the NFC Championship Game (including best play by play audio ever)

RETIREMENT #3 - Coming today.....

Will this be the final season of Favre in Charge? Only if Ted McGinley is at the press conference, friends.

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