Game Time: For Sale -- NBA Two Guard, 30 Y/O, Excellent Condition, Trades Accepted

First, I want to thank everyone for their reaction, positive or otherwise, to my post yesterday which chronicled the high points of the era of Tracy McGrady's Expiring Contract I seem to learn something with every new post that I generate here on Hair Balls, and yesterday I learned that there are still some fans who are willing to look past a player shitting on their hometown team, completely disrespecting the coach and general manager, and taking on a prima donna attitude (all while maintaining his status as "highest paid player in the league") mainly because at one time he could put the ball in the hole.

My favorite comment probably came from "Chris" who said: "I've never met a Tracy fanboy in person. Then again, I've never been to China."

Indeed, I thought China was the only area in the world that hadn't caught up to Tracy's act yet, but apparently a few of you here in Houston are good with T-MEC (Tracy McGrady's Expiring Contract, as he will now be known) as well. To each his or her own.

That Tracy is the highest paid player in basketball is but one pimple on the pizza face that is the NBA's fiscal landscape, however it is indicative of a theme I pointed out yesterday:

*You've heard skeptical, jaded former boat owners espouse the old saying that "the two happiest days of a boat owner's life are the day he buys the boat and the day he sells it."

In many respects, you could say the same thing about NBA players. The day that a signing is executed always feels good because inherently you feel like you've filled some sort of need; otherwise, why would you have done the deal?

At the time I typed that it was more just something that felt accurate than a statement I could back up with actual data (uh huh, I'm part of the problem), but yesterday during our show, John Harris and I were messing around with ESPN's Trade Machine, which by the way is the greatest time waster this side of

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