Game Time: Jim Rome Smack-Off Appendix -- 12 Most Memorable Calls From The Golden Era

I appreciate everyone's comments, feedback, kind words on yesterday's post that gave a diary-style breakdown of the 2010 Jim Rome Smack-Off and my perspective on where the show is now compared to where it was during the earlier part of this decade. If you missed it, you can easily go back and read it and I highly encourage reading the comments (and leaving comments, as well!). If I didn't work for a competitor, I'd advise Rome's people to read the comments, too. It's a few dozen people, but the sentiments on the homogenization of the show are shared by many.

As a follow-up to yesterday's post, I was asked on Twitter, in e-mail and in person by some of you which calls I thought were the best ever in the Smack-Off. So I thought this would be something good to share with everyone on here. It'll be a trip down memory lane for some of you, for newer Rome listeners you can hear what qualified as a great Smack-Off call back in the day. As an old-school Rome caller, listening to these calls made me feel like Charlie Daniels at the end of this Geico commercial....

....I mean, can't you just picture Iafrate handing the phone to Vic in NoCal and saying "That's how you do it, son...."  (And yes, for you 1560 listeners, I totally ripped that analogy from WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross from his appearence on our show. All credit to JR! GOOD GAWD ALMIGHTY!!!)

With that in mind, here are twelve of the best ever -- twelve "Charlie Daniels" of The Jungle, if you will, each represented once in my 12 Most Memorable Smack-Off calls, complete with where they ranked that year and any necessary backstory. Call them the Dirty Dozen, call them the Old Guard, just don't call them a "clone." (They tend to take that the wrong way.)

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