Game Time: The Definitive Sports "How To" Blog Post

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​In a week that saw me have to write my eulogy to Corey Haim and on the cusp of one of the best sports weeks of the year, I'm going to use this Friday post to breathe easy a little bit and let someone else do the heavy lifting. More on this in a second....

First, a couple of housecleaning items:

-- For those who wanted the link to the Corey Haim interview that we did a couple years ago, simply click here. Some fairly ominous quotes in the interview, including the 13:15 mark where he says "I shouldn't even be here with all that I've done." Yeah, pretty much.

-- This interview was conducted in our fifth day on the air at 1560, which means for me and John Harris, it was our fifth day in radio. And make no mistake, we sound like two guys in our fifth day on the radio (that is, when we could actually get a question in edgewise with David Nuno usurping the microphone). To be clear, I hate listening to myself. If I were a terrorist and Jack Bauer were interrogating me, all he'd have to do is play my voice on an endless loop and I'd give up my co-conspirators in about eight seconds.

-- My big March Madness bracket preview will be coming Monday, so if this is your first time visiting the Game Time Lounge (located right off the lobby in the Hair Balls Hotel), bookmark or Netvibe or do whatever you need to do to remind yourself to visit Monday. If you're looking for a format on how I do my preview, here's a couple links to my old blog from 2008 -- my preview will be some combo of this and this. In fact, I'll give you a little nugget right now; a sneak preview, if you will -- Texas will lose in the first round. So, there you go.

Moving's funny what people latch onto when you do a blog post. For example, I spent the better part of 1,000 words yesterday giving my thoughts on the retirement of Nomar Garciaparra. When you combine the rising star that Nomar was in the late `90's (right alongside Jeter and A-Rod as the future of the shortstop position), the flameout that he was once Selig decided to finally go Vic Mackey on the crackhouse that was steroids in baseball, the fame of his spouse, and his choice of post career vocation (ESPN...shocker), Nomar makes for a fairly compelling topic.

And yet, the majority of the emails/tweets/etc that I got about the post had to do with the embedded, throwaway video of my man Kige Ramsey at the end of the post. So, I am nothing if not a man of the people. If the people find Kige more compelling than Nomar, who am I to debate it?

The fact of the matter is that I've been on the Kige Ramsey bandwagon for the better part of three years now, so when you see guys like Jimmy Fallon covering Kige now, just know that I knew Kige back in the day. I'm old school Kige, baby. In fact, my Youtube love affair with Kige predates my radio career, when he first burst onto the scene with thoughts about things like Nicole Richie's "anorexic"...

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