Game Time: The Oden, The Aftermath

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When you toil daily at this whole blogging thing like I do, there are certain unspoken goals that you have. Up until now, my defining moment in my brief three month or so career at HoustonPress.com has been getting an actual comment from an In N Out Burger headquarters employee in the "Comments" section when I openly requested (begged for?) the role of Hefty Spokesperson if indeed In N Out were to come to the Houston area. If you're trying to gauge the significance of this accomplishment, this is the equivalent of a baseball player's defining moment being a two-hit game against the Royals in the middle of July.  Pretty cool for me, but no one else really gives a shit.

Yesterday, however, after posting what apparently was construed by some as my subconscious revelation of penis envy of Greg Oden, the link to my blog post was picked up by Deadspin, which in the world of sarcasm and snarkiness in 500-word doses, is like Tony Gwynn admiring your swing and putting it up on his Youtube page. Deadspin has roughly a gajillion readers each day, so hopefully it translated into hits here on HoustonPress.com.  

It's probably only right that I reciprocate and make sure that Deadspin gets a nice bump from me (you know, so they can get a gajillion and FIVE hits today!), so here you go, Deadspin:

A story of an English soccer captain, the British media, and his teammate's skanky girlfriend with a heart of gold....click here.

There, reciprocation accomplished!

As for the aftermath of my blog post on The Oden, with my tight schedule today I can't come up with anything more entertaining than the follow up Tweets and comments from the post from those who follow me, so in my first ever "yeah, I'm phoning this one in today" blog post, I give you The Oden Aftermath in Tweets:

DanWeiner I knew scouts said one leg was an inch shorter than the other, who knew they were talking about his third leg? #TheOden (Ed. note: Love that this one came in with someone with the last name "Weiner," even if it may not be pronounced like we need it to be.)

SteveintheKT NBA rules that both Oden and Oden's dong will have to report to the scorer's table before subbing in #TheOden  #GregOden

RyanLostinTXIn college, a girl passed around flyers with a poorly drawn pic of my junk bc I didn't help her cheat on a test. #TheOden

Rgraves04  @SeanCablinasian Ramifications for society if Oden had the same hobby as Chamberlain? #TheOden

SeanCablinasian Who knew that the weapons of mass destruction were in Greg Oden's shorts? #TheOden  #GregOden  (Ed. note: Yeah, I just included one of my own tweets, you got a problem with that?)

SeanCablinasian Best exchange so far on The Oden betw followers -- F#1: "Does that thing have a kickstand?"...F#2: "Dude that thing IS a kickstand!"  (Ed. note: Did it again! Take 'AT!!")

jon_bowers you think v scianco will respond with an image, kicking off a pseudo Biggie-Tupac war?

bcstagg Starbucks rumored to add an XL size, The Odenti. #TheOden

ChrisSanch @SeanCablinasian Your knees would hurt too if you had to lug that thing around.

rusweaver Prisoners far and wide hoping Oden remains law abiding citizen... ok i'm done now #TheOden

rusweaver Holy Torpedo Batman! if Nate Robinson ever had to locker next to Oden, he just might lead the league in concussions

...and finally I give you the Diggler vs Oden Tale of the Tape from @SteveintheKT

Dirk Diggler vs Greg Oden: Diggler's Boom Operator is in love with him. Oden -- Joel Przybilla keeps asking him out for Chai. Edge -- Diggler

Dirk Diggler vs Greg Oden: Oden -- Does a great job of keeping the ball high. Diggler -- Master of teabagging Edge -- Oden

Dirk Diggler vs Greg Oden: Oden -- Needs to expand shooting range & work on face up moves. Diggler -- Facials Edge -- Diggler

Dirk Diggler vs Greg Oden: Oden -- Finishes well around the lane via dunk. Diggler -- Finishes in Amber Waves. Edge -- Diggler

Dirk Diggler vs Greg Oden, Tale O' The Tape. Diggler -- Surrounded by Drug Addled Cronies. Oden -- Plays for the Blazers -- Draw

Dirk Diggler vs Greg Oden, Tale O' The Tape. Diggler - High School Dropout Oden - 1 yr at Ohio State. Edge - Oden

Genius. Pure genius.

Listen to Sean Pendergast on 1560 The Game from 3-7 weekdays on the Sean & John Show, and follow him on Twitter at http://twitter.com/SeanCablinasian .

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.