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Maybe I'm biased because I use it all the time, but I'm going to make the bold statement that Twitter has surpassed "fad" status and that it's here to stay. Even at this point, people who don't use Twitter recognize kinda sorta how it works, and even recognize a Tweet when they see it -- "it's got a few of those @ symbols and some abbreviations like LOL and ROTFLMAO and its less than 140 characters." Basically, at this point Twitter is like soccer -- it's most-loyal followers are rabid as they come, the rest of the world recognizes it exists, and everyone kinda sorta knows the rules.

I'll admit I've evolved (devolved?) into one of those people that has made the periodic Twitter drive-by such a frequent part of my daily routine that I don't even notice it any more. Lull in my day? Check Twitter. Break in the show? Check Twitter. Heading to the can? Where's my iPhone??

I follow about 100 people and am approaching about 1,600 followers myself. It's certainly not Ashton Kutcher's 4 million followers, Chad Ochocinco's 485,000 followers, nor porn star Bree Olson's 31,000 followers, but Rome wasn't built in a day. As celebrity status goes, the number of followers I have lines up perfectly with the amount that a bald, pudgy, sarcastic sports-talk show host in Houston should have.

The list of people I follow is pretty eclectic, ranging from NFL players to 1560 listeners to "film" stars. One of the people I follow is Rockets GM Daryl Morey (@dmorey, for those who are part of Twitter Nation), who I believe was following me also at some point, but somewhere along the way I probably tweeted one too many times about my desire to have a "Best of Chuck Hayes Free Throw Attempt DVD" and he decided to put me on the shelf.

As NBA general managers go (or GM's in any sports for that matter), Morey is about as interactive as they come. He's on Twitter after each game giving his assessment of the team, and he has the uncanny ability to take 48 minutes of basketball and somehow boil it all down to 140 characters (or less). For example, this morning here's his tweet about last night's
exciting win over Golden State in Oakland:

dmorey  3 road W in a row!Survived their great shots&our TOs w/solid O&shutdown D on Ellis.Outran GSW: 44-41 trans pts.Shane w/an incredible night.

So if you're keeping score, Darryl Morey, in 140 characters, just told us that (a) the Rockets have won three in a row on the road, (b) Golden State shot well, (c) the Rockets were sloppy with the ball, (d) but still played solid offense, (e) great defense on Monta Ellis, (f) won the transition battle, and (g) Shane Battier manned up. Who said an M.I.T. education ain't worth it?

Morey's succinct summary of the Rockets last night got me thinking that the world might be much easier to digest in 140-character blurbs. So in honor of Daryl Morey, Celebrity Sports Tweeter extraordinaire, and because this is the Friday blog post where it's usually random, non-sequitir bullshit from the week that was anyway, here is the Week in Tweets!


TWoodsMessiah @JaimeeGrubbs Need u to do me HUGE favor, gotta change ur vm greeting to just a numbr. Fukkin wife goin thru celly. Gotta do this 4 me. Huge

JaimeeGrubbs @TWoodsMessiah Ha, WHATEVS a-hole. You'll learn not to ignore me. BTW, if Elin subscribes to USWeekly, wont matter what my greeting says.

TWoodsMessiah Want to apologize to evryone who supports me, I totally f'd up. But seriously if u cameramen dont get off my lawn @elin3iron will beat shit outcha

CommishBud Decided to hang it up after 2012. Nobody needs this goddamned aggravation. But $18M/yr has been nice! Thks owners! SUCKERS! LOLOLOL

PeteyTrojan Hey @NCAABracketMaster nice time out in the last minute. Tell me how our ass tastes! 28-7 bitch. Five star recruits. u see that shit??


TWoodsMessiah Finally got a look at damage @elin3iron did to my rig. Was all of the strange pu$$ee worth it? HELLS YEAH

NDCoachBonJoviRulez  Tough one last night at Stanford. Decided schematic advantage on offense. 2 bad @JTenuda cant scheme up a defense, F**KER.

NDAthletDirectr @NDCoachBonJoviRulez See you on Monday morning for our meeting. Shouldnt take 2 long.

KUBES08  Kids just didnt get it done but its on me, we werent prepared and thats on me, did I mention this is all on me, because its on me ya know


TurnerSports @ChipCaray Stop by when u get a chance, need 2 talk

NJNets  @LarryFrank Stop by when u get a chance, need 2 talk

KansasAthleticDir @ManginoBBQ Stop by when youre done with lunch...nah on 2nd thought, I'll come by in a minute

TWoodsMessiah Definitely not goin to my tourney in CA, if I just stay inside and draw the blinds this will all go away...GO AWAY BAD MEN, GO AWAY!!!


UrbanLegend Goddammit @Cdunlap08 if ur gonna pass out at the wheel why do u have to do it in an intersection. dumbass

TheSabanator @UrbanLegend HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. C u Saturday

NDAthletDirectr @UrbanLegend 6 yrs $75 million and thats my final offer

Cdunlap08 @UrbanLegend Im jus gonna get a driver nex time, too much trouble drivin myself around

SKindle02 @CDunlap08  I feel ya dawg. LOL.



JaimeeGrubbs @TWoodsMessiah LOL, what comes around...

RUchitel @JaimeeGrubbs No shit girl, bizness about to pick up for @TWoodsMessiah


elin3iron @TWoodsMessiah can't wait for mtg today to revise the pre-nup, gonna be $weet!! Luv ya, XO$XO$XO$

TheAnswer03 nice to be back in Philly. F**K PRACTICE THOUGH!!! AINT GOIN


ADPViking28  Speed limit in Minnesota is only 55 not 105. Who knew?

ManginoBBQ Got a little extra time (and sauce) on my hands now. Spkg of sauce wonder if Luthers still has that rib special goin

TDonaghyNBA Here's my three team NBA parlay for tonight -- Bos -2 Den -9 GS +3, Jus trust me

DJeets02 Off to go have a threesome w @MinkaKelly and @VMinillo. Hope my wife doesnt find out. Oh a thats right, I HAVE NO WIFE. ROTFLMAO

TWoodsMessiah  @DJeets02  I hate you


Well, if you're looking to piggyback someone who hovers around 45-50 percent accuracy in his picks, I'm your guy. Because really, nothing is more fun than paying the juice. To wit, my performance last week (33 percent right, BITCHES!!):

Nevada +13.5 vs Boise St (Boise State 44-33, WINNER!)
Texas Tech -20.5 vs Baylor (Texas Tech 20-13, LOSER, WTF TECH!)
Florida St +24.5 vs Florida (Florida 37-10, LOSER! FIRE BOWDEN!)
Navy -9.5 vs Hawaii (Hawaii 24-17, GOD I SUCK!!!)
Texans +3.5 vs Colts (Colts 35-27, THROWING. UP.)
Vikings -10.5 vs Bears (Vikings 36-10, FAVRE BAILS ME OUT! WINNER.)

Record Last Week: 2-4
Record on Hair Balls: 13-16-1

I promise, promise, promise to do better this week. Or just go oppo of me, that may be safer.  Here are this week's picks:

Cincinnati -2 vs Pitt
Fresno St +3 vs Illinois
Texas -14.5 vs Nebraska
Florida -5.5 vs Alabama
Bengals -13 vs Lions
Cowboys/Giants under 45.5

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!

Listen to Sean Pendergast from 3-7 weekdays on 1560 The Game on the "Sean &
John Show" and follow him on Twitter at http://twitter.com/SeanCablinasian.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.