Game Time: We Interrupt March Madness For This Earl Thomas Interview

By the time this post is up, March Madness will have tipped off, so I hope everyone was able to glean enough "infotainment" (a word my good friend WWE Hall of Famer, Jim Ross, loves to use) to mentally and psychologically prepare you for the next few weeks. If you missed it, you can get the March Madness Preview here, 10 Historically Significant Buzzer Beaters here...and last, but perhaps most importantly... the Guide to Hating Duke (w/ video of Paulus getting teabagged) here.

Just a couple NFL Draft tidbits today as I head off to watch the first round of NCAA games (As I type this, I've already had my alma mater knocked out, and one of my Final Four teams on the brink of elimination...and it's not even 2 p.m. on Day One yet. Good times.):

First, I do an NFL Draft Show every Wednesday from 5-6 p.m. on 1560 The Game (it's embedded into the "Sean & John Show") with my co-host John Harris and Lance Zierlein, co-host of the morning show on 1560. In short, I would venture to say that there aren't two local personalities in any market that give you as comprehensive and informed content on the NFL Draft as Harris and Zierlein. (I'm just there steering the ship and making the occasional joke about Mike Holmgren's jowls.) If you're an NFL fan, and a follower of the draft, you need to tune in.

Yesterday, we had former University of Texas safety and soon-to-be millionaire Earl Thomas on the show for a nice conversation. The podcast is below, and among the topics we hit:

-- His potential to play multiple positions in the NFL

-- What position he envisioned playing growing up

-- Sharing the #12 jersey with Colt McCoy

-- The combine and draft process

-- His surprising height and weight measurements at the combine



By the way, we're efforting Texas wide receiver Jordan Shipley and Central Michigan QB Dan LeFevour for next week. Don'tcha dare miss it!

The biggest draft-related story everyone seems to be fixated on is Tim Tebow and his new-fangled release. You know, the new release where he doesn't bring the ball down like a windmill and he actually keeps two hands on the ball in the pocket. Well, Tebow showed it off for the scouts yesterday in Gainesville.

Apparently, it went well. So well that ESPN has now invited Tim Tebow to attend the draft in New York in April and sit in the green room until he is selected. According to reports, Tebow has accepted the invite. Contrary to rumors, there is no truth to reports that Thom Brennaman has applied for a one-week ESPN internship the week of the draft:

I'll reserve final judgment until I see the full guest list for the draft, but on the surface I think Tebow is getting terrible advice from his people. That is, unless his idea of a good time is hanging out in the green room with Jimmy Clausen until the high teens in overall picks and then hanging out by himself for the rest of the night after someone trades up to take Clausen. If he's cool with that, then by all means, have at it, Tebow. If not, then you may want to pack a second suit...the second and third rounds are now on Day Two of the draft.

Underrated subplot in this whole Tebow thing is the ammunition that coaches recruiting against Urban Meyer have been handed in the last 90 days. First, you had Meyer resigning as the coach at Florida due to medical issues, a resignation that he recanted after one bowl practice and turend into a leave of absence, which was never actually materialized. (Meyer was seen at the Gators first spring practice yesterday, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.)

Now you have the "greatest quarterback in the history of the world" (paraphrasing) having to go through a ridiculous overhaul of his mechanics and copious drills to prove that he can do elementary things like take a snap from under center and keep two hands on the ball in the pocket. I'm not saying it's Meyer's job to prepare Tebow for the NFL, his job is to win games, but that won't stop other head coaches from cautioning recruits about Meyer's not making Tebow NFL-ready (at all, apparently). Pile that on top of the "health concerns" they're sure to point at plus the shaky 40 times of all the defensive Florida recruits and it will be interesting to watch some of these recruiting battles, particularly for quarterbacks.

To be clear, it will take a lot more than this to knock Meyer off the Mount Rushmore of stud recruiters, but the ammunition supply has never been more robust.

Enjoy March Madness everybody.

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