Game Warden Tricks 9-Year-Old into Ratting on Dad

The Texas Parks & Wildlife Department's weekly round-up of game-warden activity is always entertaining, and it's written in a lively style most law enforcement agencies abhor.

One of their most recent items was headlined "Wife bags her first buck...Not!" and it gleefully told the tale of...getting some young kid to turn stoolie on his father.

Two Terrell County wardens noticed a tagging violation at a deer camp last month, it said.

"As the wardens talked with the couple staying at the camp, they noted the man's wife was particularly excited about her first buck," the report says. "She even offered her license and ID without being asked."

Hmmmm, said the wily wardens.

One warden "decided to take some time to talk with their 9-year-old boy, who seemed intrigued by the wardens. After discussing his favorite superheroes and passion for the outdoors, the boy said he sure wanted to shoot a buck like the one his dad had shot and pointed to the hanging buck."


The husband admitted shooting the ten-point white-tailed buck and then using his wife's license to tag it.

Let's just hope he laughed off the way his nine-year-old son was innocently tricked into giving him up.

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