Garden Oaks Comments Live On in Cyberspace (Updated)

The question as to whether Garden Oaks Elementary, now a neighborhood school split between traditional and Montessori classes, should be turned into an all-Montessori school lit up the comment line on the HISDConnect magnet department website a few days ago.

And what's happened to all the comments registered has made several Garden Oaks parents -- mostly the ones opposed to the conversion -- even madder. They say the Houston ISD took down the eight pages of comments from parents and teachers (in both English and Spanish) without explanation. It's possible the multitude of attitude overwhelmed their computer systems, maybe someone didn't like what was said, or maybe they thought they were repeating themselves.

Naturally, a technologically-astute parent captured it all before it vanished into the ether and we at Hair Balls would like you to have a chance to look at it.

Some of the comments are supportive of the change from parents who believe Montessori is the best teaching approach there is for all kids. Other commenters disagree; the word "dictator" is used in reference to Superintendent Terry Grier and dissenters say the proposed change is tearing their neighborhood apart.

We put in a call to the HISD press office, who is checking with their IT folks to see why the comments were taken down. We'll let you know when we hear back. In the meantime, if you are so inclined, read on.

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Page Two

Page Three

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Page Five

Page Six

Page Seven

Page Eight

Page Nine

Page Ten

Page Eleven

Page Twelve

Update: Sarah Greer Osborne of the HISD press office got back to us and said the HISD IT department did take down the eight pages of comment because a) they don't know where they came from ("It looks like someone was transcribing a meeting") and  b) it doesn't follow their usual format. They're thinking of putting it back up, but to do so they'd first like to a) clean up the document which is "filled with misspellings and typos" and b) "Find out who put this up in the first place," Osborne said.

Another update: HISD has the cleaned-up comments back up on its website.

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