Gary Kubiak Death Watch: Signs Of Life

Boy, it doesn't take much to get a Texans bandwagon started in this town.

The frantic yearning for a winner has fans ecstatic over a home win against a crummy team, and has the Kubiak Death Watch arrow inching slightly towards positive ground.

We'll see what happens after tonight's game in Philadelphia.

To review: The Texans were at home, against a team led by a rookie QB from a school no one has heard of, or if they've heard of it they can't remember if it's Florida Atlantic or Florida International (or why they should care).

Their opponent is also experiencing a locker-room meltdown thanks to the inane, immature pouting of their star QB, who is ably upholding the storied history of Mack Brown players in the NFL.

They win.


Beat the Eagles at night in Philly, and we'll see some real movement on that arrow. Until then, it's stuck on the bad side.

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