Gary Kubiak Deathwatch: The Needle Drops Precipitously

If you're going to throw from your own end zone in OT, you're going to open yourself up to a game-ending pick-six. If you're the Texans, that is.

Coach Gary Kubiak was on the verge of piloting the Texans to one of their most entertaining wins ever -- of course, he led them to an early hole, but they came back once again -- until tragedy struck.

If by "tragedy" you mean "again abandoning a perfectly functional running game." Which is definitely the first definition in Dictionary of a Texans Fan, Vol. VIII.

Can Gary Kubiak keep his job? It seems highly, highly, highly unlikely by this point. Right now the only question is if he's allowed to finish the season, as opposed to Bob McNair having to show everyone who's the boss, dammit, and we don't settle for mediocrity around here (for more than nine years running.)

So the Kubiak Deathwatch Meter has moved away from its previous position, where the hope of a playoff run had it edging towards "It's 50-50," to somewhere where the firing is inevitable, even if the timing is still up in the air.

The Texans are getting some breaks with their upcoming opponents, so they might roll out some impressive wins. Whether that moves the meter or not, we'll have to wait and see.

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Richard Connelly
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