Courtesy of Doo Doo Butter
Doo Doo Butter

Gather Round

We called Ben Donehower, guitarist for local band Doo Doo Butter, to ask him, among other things, what's with the name? The conversation didn't last long enough for him to give us a reason -- the high schooler had to hang up before his teacher caught him.

However, the two-minute talk did yield an explanation for the group's song "Bukkake." The funk-filled track's lyrics are dedicated to the Japanese-born porn practice in which a group of men ejaculate on a woman's face. "The inspiration came from the idea that bukkake usually has this negative connotation to it and we tried to put it as a holy ceremony," Donehower says. Umm, what? "No, I mean like, you know, not for sexual humiliation as it was before; it should be something that's beautiful." -- Dusti Rhodes

WTF?!? Because this demands further explanation, check out our Night & Day� section, which isn't just interested in Japanese rituals, but also gives you the lowdown on a Chinese New Year celebration, some Italian choreographers and a Danish woman who photographs herself naked.

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