Gay Cruising Spots: Five Odd Complaints From Houston Customers

We got an impassioned complaint from a guy who got arrested at an adult book store. He got invited into a locked booth by a nice-looking guy who, unfortunately for him, turned out to be a cop.

We thought the whole adult bookstore thing was dead -- new rules, raids, etc. -- but we went back to the authority on the subject,, and found we were wrong. Not only that, but the other gay cruising spots -- restrooms, parks -- are still thriving. The regulars have some issues with these places, though. Odd issues, sometimes.

Some complaints from the message boards:

1. Bathrooms used as, well, bathrooms

The Home Depot in Copperfield gets a listing on the site, with the bathroom a place for workingmen during the day and "curious husbands" on the weekends, apparently. But not all is paradise:

Pet peeve: Lots of employees taking daily dumps in there.
Yeah, that kind of stuff can happen.

2. The decor

The Westside 24-Hour Video needs an extreme makeover:

They've been trying to give the place a face lift. GOD ALMIGHTY! Who picked out those paint colors? The arcade area so bright and tropical looking you'll need one of those little drinks with an umbrella in it! Actually, it looks more like one of those obnoxious Versace ties that used to be around in the 80's

Oh, I hear you: I can't see a Versace tie without thinking "adult bookstore."

3. Homeless people

You're just trying to have furtive, illegal sex in one of the bathrooms in the tunnel system, and...

Only two pet peeves is that the door is locked after 3:00. Also, you do have an occasional vagrant that will stop in there to wash up.
At least they're clean!! Or trying to be.

4. Damn county workers, doing their jobs

The Kleb Woods Nature Preserve in Tomball was apparently popular. Until

Recently someone came through the entire park and cleared out a lot of the underbrush and the like, making privacy more difficult in the woods.
Hey, George W. Bush liked to clear up brush all the time. Was the Prairie Chapel Ranch a gay cruising spot?

5. You need to be a contortionist

24 Hours News & Video on the far west side just doesn't realize that some dudes aren't as supple as they used to be:

still 2 booths in the arcade with holes....but they are positioned all wrong to be any either have to scrunch down to line up with one.....or tiptoe to reach another.....the booths in the center also have a hole...but its small and one uses it for more than a peep hole......and remember the walls to these hole booths are 1 1/2 have a long cock to be any good!

Well, we think that last part is pretty well understood.

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