Gee, Thanks: Parenting Advice from the Guys Robbing $100,000 from Your Mansion

KHOU had a good report on that mansion break-in earlier this month.

Security video shows the robbers calmly leaving the Memorial-area home with $100,000 in stolen merchandise packed in luggage, looking like they're ambling towards a flight they have plenty of time to catch.

The robbers entered the house when James Rooney III, 17, came home. He didn't know the combination to the safe, so they waited until his father, James Rooney Jr., showed up.

But they weren't just heartless outlaws. They were astute experts on home security and raising kids, judging by this excerpt:

James Rooney Jr. was also a little offended when the masked men mentioned family values.

"[They said] you shouldn't leave your 17-year-old in the house alone," Rooney recalled. "Okay, whatever guy. I'm not gonna take parenting advice from a thug."

See? You reach out your hand to help someone, and it gets rudely rejected. We bet it's the last time those guys ever try to give Rooney some helpful advice.

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Richard Connelly
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