Gennifer Bree Simons: The Tortured Mugshot of a Woman Scorned (and Accused Arsonist)

Pasadena authorities say the ex-girlfriend of a local man set his house on fire Sunday evening.

Thirty-three-year-old Gennifer Bree Simons was arrested a short time after the 7 p.m. blaze, which investigators say was intentionally ignited in a back bedroom. Witnesses told investigators that they had seen a woman running from the blaze and suspicion immediately turned to the victim's former girlfriend. Simons, whose name is often spelled Simmons, was arrested a short time later. She is currently being held without bond in Harris County Jail.

This latest development comes toward the end of what for Simons was a horrendous year.

According to public records, CPS sued her and a man named Torrez for custody of their two children in January.

On February 1, a few days after that suit became public, Simons was charged with DWI. Apparently she did not heed the court's pre-trial instructions, because a week after her arrest, she was remanded back to jail and her $500 bond reset at $10,000.

On February 10, she got a court-appointed lawyer, who got her to sign a no-driving affidavit, reset her case and apparently got her out of jail, only for her to be remanded once more to custody on February 14 with another $10,000 bond. The next day she pleaded no-contest to the charge of DWI-first offender and was handed a stiff 30-day sentence.

So the anguish in her mugshot is well-earned, if only by her own actions.

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