George Boehme: West U Councilman Caught In Underage Drinking Sting Because He Can't Add

George Boehme: Caught in TABC sting, but it's all good
​West U city councilman George Boehme was nabbed in a TABC underage-drinking sting last week, but escaped a jail trip because, apparently, he can't add.

Boehme owns the Edloe Street Deli & Cafe, which serves beer. He told the West U Examiner that a guy who looked like "an overage college kid" came in and grabbed a beer from the tub.

The Examiner sympathetically pointed out that things were busy that night and Boehme was "running on fumes" (their words, not his), so he, as the paper put it, "miscalculated" the birthdate on the kid's driver's license.

Shortly afterwards, two TABC agents came, asking questions.

Boehme got a citation for serving a minor.

"Serving alcohol to a minor is a serious thing," Boehme told the Examiner. "This whole matter reinforces the need for all people serving and selling alcohol to be forever vigilant because good intentions alone will not keep alcohol out of the hands of minors."

Be "forever vigilant" apparently means knowing how to add when you look at a driver's license.

He went on: "This has been a painful lesson for me, and I am very sorry that it happened...I make a personal pledge that I will leave no stone unturned in assuring that a minor will never again be served alcohol as long as I am an owner of Edloe Street Cafe and Deli."

The West U city manager said the fact that Boehme asked for the kid's ID showed his good intentions.

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