George Bush Intercontinental Is One of the Top Hookup Spots; Who Knew?

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You thought the only action you were going to see at George Bush Intercontinental Airport was from that one airport security guard who always gets a little handsy in the pat-downs, but you've got another think coming. Turns out, if you're looking to get a little lovin', IAH is the place to go, specifically Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen in terminal E, according to a study from the folks at MeetAtTheAirport.com.

In fact, the airport (ahem) dating Web site -- which touts airports as the place to go to "meet new and exciting people while you wait for your flight" -- conducted a study among its users ranking the best places to "connect" (a.k.a. knock boots in an airport bathroom stall while keeping an eye out to make sure your luggage doesn't get swiped.)

Among the top five, ranked just below The Encounter at LAX, Vino Volo Restaurant at Washington Dulles Airport and the Salt Lick at Austin-Bergstrom, was Houston's very own Pappadeaux's (located next to gate E3 for those who really want to know.) That's right, Houston. We're in the big time now as far as airport hookup spots are concerned. Also, we totally beat out Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, which came in at No. 5, and let's face it, we're all proud that DFW isn't even on the list. Fun fact: A hookup in terminal E has an added bonus of possibilities since both domestic and international flights run out of there. You could be meeting some mysterious stranger from Idaho, or he or she could be from someplace way more fun like Brazil.

Picture it: You walk in and sidle up to that long, sticky bar, the faint aromas of beer and seafood wafting through the air. Hey, it may be 9 a.m. in Houston, but it's definitely 5 o'clock somewhere. You order a drink and some seafood gumbo and you're just leaning in for that first slurp of soup when your eyes lock on Mr./Ms. Perfect-for-right-now. According to the folks at MeetAtTheAirport.com, this is the perfect moment to meet that special someone (read: the person on the bar stool next to you who is looking a lot like the hottest thing you've ever seen in real life because he or she is also stuck in the airport while the flight delay Just. Keeps. Getting. Longer.)

Maybe you'll find that big romance you've been dreaming about, or maybe you'll just get on your flight to Nowhere-any-person-would-really-want-to-go, Kansas, in an extremely good mood. And it's awesome because there doesn't have to be any initial chit-chat or pretending to care about where their college degrees came from or if they can open beer bottles with their toes -- this has all already been prearranged thanks to that handy little Web site, MeetAtTheAiport.com.

To set yourself up to do a little connecting before your connecting flight, you go to the site and fill out a profile laying out all the stuff people really want to know when sizing each other up: Are you married, single or in something that is too complicated to explain? Do you think your encounters with fellow travelers will lead to marriage, having a "travel friend" or are you "open to possibilities" (getting it on in that alcove next to the pay phones)? (Sidenote: Isn't it beautiful that airports still have payphones?)

Your profile will also include the most important information of all -- do you need a drink as soon as you sit down at the bar, or have you already had five whiskeys for free on your flight in from Peru, thus making you good to go? In the case of Pappadeaux's, this is particularly important information since they totally do takeout so you can have your fried shrimp and, you know, your "layover" too if time is an issue.

The site was created by Steve Pasternack, the mind that brought the world sugardaddies.com (the one where Houston sugarbabies are getting a lot of free boob jobs from their sugar daddies, not the one where the sugarbabies are swapping a little time and tenderness for college educations from the likes of University of Houston).

"Airports can be great venues for meeting successful, affluent and attractive people," Pasternack said in a release issued in January just after the company got started.

Pasternack saw an opportunity (we really hope he saw it while sitting at the IAH Pappadeaux's, but maybe that's asking a little too much) in the airport setting for people to make arrangements for a little fun while they wait.

"It's exciting flying somewhere and meeting someone new," Pasternack said in an interview with Online Personals Watch. "The airport is actually a good place to meet a complete stranger. They have gone through security and proven their ID, proven they are not carrying any weapons."

Because everybody knows that the successful, rich, hot, unarmed ones all hang out at the IAH Pappadeaux's. Or, you know, we know it now.

So congrats to IAH for being number four. We always knew you could do it. But let's get to the big question on everyone's minds: What on earth is Hobby going to do to top that? We vote they make those train rides through the airport last longer. Give the folks who aren't choosing to do their cruising at Houston's other airport a little more bang for their buck. So to speak.

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