George Carlin: Baseball vs. Football

I’d like to say many profound things about George Carlin. But I don’t have the ability with words that he possessed. Let’s just say I thought he was funny. And that there was an intelligence and wit in his humor found in his work that many comics can never match.

I was a fan.

The first routine of his that I remember is his great baseball vs. football routine. And though I later heard the infamous seven words routine, and though I later heard him pontificate on politics and religion and the general absurdities of life, it was always, and will always be, baseball vs. football for which I remember him.

And don’t worry, this clip is safe to watch at the office:

And for those among you feeling a little more daring, here’s the seven words you can’t say on television. (And this probably isn’t safe to watch at work).

The world is now a sadder place.

Rest in peace. – John Royal

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