George Clooney Bringing Enron Story To The Screen?

Enron -- the semi-musical, not the company -- was a hit in London's West End and a failure on Broadway.

The fact it bombed in America made it less likely we'd see a production in Houston. But now comes word out of London that George Clooney, of all people, is looking to make a movie out of the stage show.

It's movieland gossip, of course, but the U.K. Observer reports not only that Clooney is doing it, he's annoyed original members of the production by planning to direct it himself and cast it with better-known names.

"How do you compete with George Clooney?" asked Rupert Goold, whose production of Enron won him the Best Director award at the 2010 Olivier Awards. It is understood the Oscar-winning actor-director-producer, who was bowled over by the satire of greed, will co-produce the film and is also likely to direct it, but it's not clear whether he will appear on screen.

The Observer reports that the person who is collaborating with Clooney on the project -- Laurua Ziskin, "one of Hollywood's biggest players" -- confirms the actor is in on it and ready to go.

Clooney -- a Jeff Skilling type? More of an Andrew Fastow?

He's too tall for Ken Lay, right?

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