All things must pass, but Dallas can't be missed.
All things must pass, but Dallas can't be missed.

George Harrison, Dedicated Dallas Fan

We're currently reading the second volume of the voluminous diaries of Monty Python's Michael Palin, a good potato chip read that, in this case, covers the 1980s.

Among the things we learned: former Beatle George Harrison, he of the mystical interests of the East, he who produced independent films that were rarely standard Hollywood fare, was a diehard, stone-cold fan of the Dallas TV series.

Texas represent!! At least the caricature version of Texas.

Harrison apparently loved the show so much he'd get annoyed if you happened to call when it was on, Palin reports.

An entry for January 8, 1982, about Palin phoning Harrison to discuss one of the several film projects they had going:

Call George in Henley at nine o'clock. After a few rather terse exchanges he says "You're obviously not a Dallas fan, then" and I realise I've interrupted a favorite viewing.

The power of J.R. Ewing.

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