George Mitchell: Huge Bond for Man Accused of Stealing 11 Pregnancy Tests from CVS

At first blush, even for East Texas, land of high bail, $404,277 seems like an exorbitant bond for a guy who was initially arrested for stealing 11 pregnancy tests from a Lufkin CVS.

However, that odd theft is not all 26-year-old George Melvin Mitchell is on the hook for. Far from it.

But let's begin with his latest brush with the law -- this strange petty theft.

According to KTRE, Mitchell was spotted waving 32-year-old Kimberly Lang Harris over to the aisle where the EPT tests were, and helping her open the boxes and remove their contents. Harris then allegedly stuffed them in her purse, and the two then left the store without paying and drove off in a Dodge Stratus. Sadly for the pair, their bid to assess numerous attempted acts of procreation was foiled when they were pulled over a short time later by Lufkin police.

Mitchell reportedly got out and ran. He was caught soon thereafter, but only after being threatened with a tasing. A charge of evading arrest was added to the shoplifting beef he already faced. Police then asked his name repeatedly, but Mitchell responded with expletives each time. Bingo, failure to identify. And then cops reportedly found him to be in possession of crack, too. Felony drug charge, hello...

But wait, there's more...Harris told cops Mitchell's name at some point after they found the 11 pregnancy tests in her purse, and a records check turned up the fact that he was wanted for missing a court date on which he had been slated to face a bevy of drug charges as well as one for aggravated assault on a family member.

For her part, Harris has been charged with dozens of crimes in the past four years, including assault, criminal mischief and forgery. Since she has been convicted of petty theft at least twice before, this one could get her two years in state jail if convicted.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.