George Zimmer Will No Longer Head Men's Wearhouse; Five Ads to Mourn the End of an Era

Houston's own Men's Wearhouse has announced that after almost 40 years in charge -- and almost that long bedeviling TV viewers -- George Zimmer is stepping down as CEO.

Zimmer started the company in Houston in 1973, and now blankets America with his "You're going to like the way you look; I guarantee it." He'll still have a role in the company, and will no doubt continue to appear in ads, but it's the end of an era.

A trip down Men's Wearhouse memory lane:

5. From the classic era Lovely wood paneling throughout the store, dude.

Men's Wearhouse by weatherguru76

4. Here the hair is starting to look a little, how you say, "wiggy"? But it doesn't affect the guarantee.

3. The stern voice of bargain-suit justice A righteous Zimmer takes on Macy's and leaves them whimpering in the sand.

2. The parody

There are lots of parodies of the ads up on the web. Here's one of the better ones: Outtakes that show just how hard it is to get something workable from Zimmer.

1. The knockoff How the ads would look in Bizarro World: A history lesson, prices in bold yellow, and a slow-motion welcome to the store.

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