Georgia Safety Suspended Because He "Smoked a Blunt" (His Words to Police)

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As the college football calendar goes, we are smack dab in the middle of that late spring "soft spot" in the schedule where spring practice is a solid month in the rear-view mirror, the school year is wrapping up and summer school (for most places) is still a few weeks away.

If idle hands are the devil's workshop, then Satan loves this time of year in college football (and the NFL, for that matter).

Final exams means opportunities for academic fraud, and the subsequent post-finals free time means lots of drinking, partying and weed.

And while from a magnitude standpoint the one-game suspension of Georgia starting safety Josh Harvey-Clemons doesn't come close to Notre Dame quarterback Everett Golson's expulsion from school for "poor academic judgment" (I think that means "cheating"), it is in the conversation for most fantastic admission of guilt and just general stupidity.

In case you missed the story, here it is:

According to UGA Police incident report obtained by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution on Tuesday, police were called to Vandiver Hall on River Road at 11:33 p.m. on May 15 after a residence hall assistant detected the odor of marijuana emanating from room number 303. Police knocked on the door and found [Josh] Harvey-Clemons and [Ty] Flournoy-Smith inside.

Police were granted consent to search the residence and no marijuana was found. However, Flournoy-Smith and Harvey-Clemons were said to have "exhibited signs of marijuana ingestion" as they had blood-shot eyes and dilated pupils. After questioning, the players admitted they had "smoked a blunt," which is slang for a using a cigar to smoke marijuana, police said.

During the search, police found a digital scale in one of Flournoy-Smith drawers was and a plastic bag was located in a bathroom trash can that contained "a barely visible flake of possible marijuana." Police advised the two players there was "no physical evidence to support prosecution" on marijuana possession charges. However, they were told the incident would be documented and turned over to the UGA's Office of Student Conduct.

Georgia head coach Mark Richt confirmed at the SEC meetings on Tuesday in Destin, Florida, that indeed Harvey-Clemons would be suspended for at least the season opener against Clemson.

"Here's what I'll say on that: Josh Harvey-Clemons is going to miss the first game of the season," he said. "That's all I'm going to say."

Harvey-Clemons's partner in crime, Flournoy-Smith, has left school to transfer to a junior college, per Richt's advice and likely as a result of this most recent incident combined with an unrelated misdemeanor charge in February. Asked if this incident is the reason Flournoy-Smith left school, Richt said: "I'm just going to let y'all figure that (out)."

A few thoughts here:

1. Harvey-Clemons, a big-time five-star prospect when he signed with Georgia out of Lowndes County High, earned the starting job at strong safety during spring practice, on the heels of a freshman season where he saw action in all 14 games. So he essentially has the world by the balls, and yet is dumb enough that he can't put down the weed long enough to maintain his job full time.

2. What makes this even funnier (to anyone other than Georgia fans) is that these two rocket scientists were caught smoking weed in their dorm room. According to Wikipedia, the University of Georgia sits on a campus of 759 acres. The only place you could find to toke up is in your dorm room, where smoke would naturally waft into the hallway and possibly set off smoke alarms? (Of course, I'm asking dope smokers to show some degree of initiative, which probably makes me even more stupid than them.)

3. I guarantee you right now that on campus in Athens, the R.A. who turned these two geniuses in to campus authorities is being viewed as the "snitch" and the bad guy. No doubt.

4. As admission-of-guilt lines go, "We smoked a blunt" isn't quite as good as Cliff Harris's "We smoked it all," but it's in the conversation:

5. The lyricist behind Georgia's freshman orientation video, "Party in the UGA," has to be going back to rewrite the lyrics to include blunt smoking, right?


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