Gerald Guidry, HGO Actor Caught Sexing Teen in Rehearsal Room: Previous Gig Was in Children's Theater

We told you last week about Gerald Guidry, an extra at the Houston Grand Opera who has been accused of having sex with a 16-year-old girl at least three times in the rehearsal room and basement of the HGO facility.

His previous gig? A role in children's theater. He was part of the ensemble in Main Street Theater's production of Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day, which probably is a good description of the day he found out the cops were eager to question him.

Shannon Emerick of Main Street tells Hair Balls that Guidry worked on a contract basis in Alexander (which closed April 1) and one other production.

"We did do a background check, which we do with all of our performers because we work with a lot of children," she said. "His record was clean at that time."

Emerick says the company is "definitely aware of the situation and has no plans to employ him again at this time."

Guidry, who to be clear has not been convicted of anything, has a new Facebook page which lists his Main Street credit.

His name is listed as "G.c. Guidry" (Small "c" for some reason), and it notes under the relevant Facebook category that "G.c. has not answered any questions." Which HPD found out, because at the time the charges were announced Guidry had skipped a planned interview with them and they were trying to track him down.

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