Man, those opera companies.
Man, those opera companies.

Gerald Guidry: Houston Grand Opera Extra Gets Rehearsal-Room Sex from a 16-Year-Old, Cops Say

Police are looking for a Houston Grand Opera actor who is accused of having sex with a 16-year-old girl in the rehearsal room and basement on at least three occasions.

Gerald Christopher Guidry, 23, has been a "supernumerary," which is highfalutin' ballet opera talk for an extra, in HGO productions, according to his Facebook page.

Court documents show that the 16-year-old complainant said she met Guidry at HGO, and in January they had sex -- including blow jobs and regular old penetration -- on three different days.

Twice they were in the basement of the HGO building at 510 Preston; the other time they were in the sixth-floor rehearsal room.

Their trysts were discovered when, according to the court documents, the girl's mother "sensed something was going on with her daughter and decided to look through her phone."

She found a picture of Guidry's dick and some sexual text messages.

Police made arrangements for Guidry to come in for questioning recently, but he did not show up. He faces felony charges of sexual assault of a child under the age of 17.

Update: Good Christ, we confused the Houston Ballet and the HGO. (Our lowbrow tastes exposed.) Sorry.

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