German Moreno: Houston Fugitive Arrested in Costa Rica on New Kid-Sex Charges

A Houston fugitive living in Costa Rica has been arrested on a new allegation of child molestation there.

German Moreno, who goes by German Enrique Morena Rojas, in Costa Rica, was arrested today outside his mother's house, following a complaint filed last week by a "resident who was [a] minor at the time the alleged abuse occurred," according to the Tico Times newspaper, which broke the story that Rojas had been running a medical clinic in a resort town for the last three years.

Rojas had been convicted of sexually abusing minors in Costa Rica in 1996, but fled to Houston before he could be formally sentenced. In Houston, he sang in a church choir and practiced medicine without a license at a low-cost clinic, where he may have targeted as many as 46 boys.

Rojas was charged with six counts of abuse against a minor in 2005, but jumped bail and fled to Costa Rica, where, due to a loophole in that country's sentencing laws, he was no longer eligible for arrest. (We spoke with Rojas after he absconded, when he less-than-politely suggested that we "come here...and I beat the hell out of you. Here in Costa Rica, things are different.")

Rojas was "booked at downtown San Jose's judicial headquarters and will be taken to Garabito, where a judge will determine whether or not to hold him in preventive custody pending an investigation," according to the Tico Times.

Given Rojas's penchant for wanderlust, we sorta hope the judge opts for the ol' preventive custody route.

No more details were available about the latest allegations, but we'll stay tuned.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.