Rave on, with the help of the Harris County Sheriff's Office

Geroge Wesley Ellington: Sheriff's Deputy Indicted For Moonlighting As Security For Ecstasy Dealer

Harris County Sheriff's deputies moonlight all the time, providing security for local businesses.

Including ecstasy dealers, apparently.

A federal grand jury indicted a sheriff's deputy for selling criminal information to a ecstasy dealer and for "providing security/protection in his capacity as a Harris County Deputy Sheriff to a person he believed was illegally possessing and transporting 3, 4 Methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA), commonly called Ecstasy," asthe U.S. Attorney's office put it.

The elegantly named George Wesley Ellington, 38, twice received $500 for logging on to the county's criminal records system and then providing info to an X dealer, the indictment says.

"While the vast majority of law enforcement officers are honest in their work and committed to serving and protecting the public, there are some who choose to use their position for personal gain," FBI special agent in charge Richard Powers said.

Sheriff Adrian Garcia also wanted the public to know that most of his deputies -- if not nearly all of them -- are not partnering with thriving drug operations as a way of making a little on the side.

"I am proud of all the hardworking employees of the Harris County Sheriff's Office who follow the rules and who hold sacred the public's trust," said Garcia. "I admire and respect all of our honest and dedicated deputies, detention officers and civilian support staff. However, I will not allow for any employee(s) who allegedly engages in criminal activity to tarnish the professionalism and dedication of so many great public servants who unselfishly serve the residents of Harris County with pride, honor and respect. I thank the Houston FBI and the United States Attorney's Office for their partnership and support of my staff in the Office of Inspector General, as we work to serve and protect the citizens of Harris County."

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.