Get Lit: E-mails from Hell: The Wrath of William Wyndell, by David Earthman

At first we thought we’d skip reviewing

E-mails from Hell: The Wrath of William Wyndell

. Austin author David Earthman’s book of practical-joke e-mails just seemed like too easy of a target. But then we started thinking – Earthman certainly has no problem taking aim at easy targets. And even more damning, he seems to believe he has created a masterpiece. From the introduction:

“The idea for E-mails from Hell came about as I was living and working overseas for three years. I started responding to online advertisements and peppering various businesses and schools with outlandish requests and comments…Thousands of e-mails later, E-mails from Hell became a reality for everyone to read and enjoy. The beauty is that no matter your race, religion, political views, or background, E-mails from Hell is universally hilarious for all readers.”

That’s quite a statement. And it couldn’t be more wrong.

This book is a collection of harassing, repetitive, time-wasting missives. Of course, all would be forgiven if it was funny, but the jokes fall flat. “William” tells a woman selling a wedding dress how fat she is and how fat his mail-order bride-to-be is; he tells a potential employer about being married but having “chicks” on the side; he tells a funeral director he wants his dad stuffed and mounted in the living room. None of it works -- Earthman tries to be outrageous but succeeds only in being annoying. “Universally hilarious,” this book is not. – Cathy Matusow

E-mails from Hell: The Wrath of William Wyndell, by David Earthman, Synergy Books, $12.95

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