Get Lit: Interview and Reading with Daniel Silva, author of The Secret Servant

Daniel Silva is among the best spy novelists around these days. His reading and discussion of his latest title,

The Secret Servant

, at Murder by the Book, will show you why.

Intense and electrifying, The Secret Servant follows Gabriel Allon, a sometime officer of Israeli intelligence who stumbles on to a plot to kidnap an American ambassador's daughter. Speeding off to thwart the plan, Allon arrives just in time to see the young woman being pushed into a van and the chase begins. Sure that she will be killed by the Muslim extremists holding her, Allon will follow them through England, Germany and to the ends of Denmark trying to save her, always, it seems, arriving just a little too late. Traipsing through CIA, MI-5 and NSA territory without bothering to ask permission doesn't make Allon very popular with the law enforcement set and when he kidnaps the wife and son of one of the extremists as a bargaining chip, even his own Israeli cohorts balk.

The Secret Servant is a straight chase-and-shoot novel on one level, but it thoughtfully examines today's war on terrorism, all the players and the ethical quicksand they stand on on another. A former UPI news reporter stationed in the Middle East, Silva has a first hand knowledge of the region and the possibility that storylines like his may not remain fiction for much longer. 6 p.m. Saturday, July 28. 2342 Bissonnet. For information, call 713-524-8597 or visit www.murderbooks.com. Free. -- Olivia Flores Alvarez

To hear the first half of Houston Press Night & Day Editor Olivia Flores Alvarez's interview with Daniel Silva, click the LISTEN button below. (This interview was taped on July 20, 2007.)

And then come back and listen to the second half.

To read Margaret Downing's review of The Secret Servant, click here.

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