Get Off The Bus, Fat Kids

Hey, fat kids -- get off the bus and start walking to school.

That's part of the message that will be delivered via a $2 million grant to the UT health Science Center at Houston, announced today.

The announcement noted that "childhood obesity, a major national public-health problem, is especially prevalent in Texas and other Southern states," which really hurts.

Who knew chicken-fried steak and lard could be bad for you?

The $2 million comes from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and will focus on two main areas: what kind of food is distributed through the Women, Infants and Children program; and the "Texas Safe Routes to School" project, which encourages kids to walk to school.

How they are expected to watch DVDs from a comfy SUV seat while walking to school is, frankly, beyond us.

But the pointy heads at the Heath Science center believe it can be done.

And that it needs to be done.

"It is critically important to address public-policy issues that can have a positive effect on improving healthy eating and increasing safe and accessible places for physical activity in order to reduce the alarming trends toward childhood obesity in our state," says UT professor Marcia Ory. "If we don't address this, the next generation of Texas children may very well be the first generation to grow up less healthy than their parents."

Their parents who are driving them to school, the bastards.

-- Richard Connelly

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.