Finally, skaters, an art show for you.

Get On Board

It's art for your daily grind.

Tonight Commerce Street Artists Warehouse hosts "Houston, Are You Board?," a skate deck art auction benefiting Public Use Skate parks for Houston (P.U.S.H.). Up for grabs (get it grabs, it's a skateboard — never mind) are more than 100 decks designed by local and international artists including Give Up, Dalek, GONZO247, Angry Jane, Color One and Scott Campbell. It's a silent auction, so you won't need one of these.

However, you will need some of these as most of the work in the show costs an average of $200 to $400. But, hey, it goes to a good cause: P.U.S.H. is non-profit organization trying to put more free skate parks in Houston. So, whether you're a skater jonesin' for a local Burnside or wish these crazy kids would stop their tom-foolery in front of downtown buildings, purchase a deck and help the cause. Or just check out some dope art.

Also, be sure to catch Speed Street — Take One, a short documentary about the Houston skate crew Urban Animals. These guys were old school. We're talking taking on rails in roller skates, dudes. P.U.S.H. is asking for a $5 donation or for you to buy a bunch of drinks at the bar. Check out the art-o-deck from 7 p.m. to midnight. If you miss the show, check it out next week at Mackey Gallery, where all the auctioned off works will be on display. -- Dusti Rhodes


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