Get Shot By A Metro Cop, You'll Get A Grilling Instead Of An Apology

We weren't really surprised to learn that the saga of The Great Metro Shooting is once again grabbing headlines, this time with the news that the bystander who was shot now plans on suing Metro.

Guadalupe Acosta, a nanny, told the Chron she was shot in the shoulder as she was pushing the toddler she cared for around the Rice University jogging path. And she said no one from Metro ever apologized or expressed sympathy. Since Metro ain't talking, Hair Balls can only speculate that that was a legal tactic -- i.e., don't apologize, because that can be interpreted as guilt. Well, besides just being indecent, it appears to have been a tactic that came back to bite Metro in the ass.

Acosta told Hair Balls that she wouldn't have sued if Metro had apologized and offered to cover her medical expenses; of course, she could be full of it, but c'mon -- you get shot while you're pushing a toddler, for heaven's sake, and no one even says "Whoops -- my bad"?

Acosta said the only time she heard from Metro was when Metro Police Chief Tom Lambert questioned in her in the hospital the day of the shooting.

"He was a little rude [and] he never apologized," Acosta told us. "They just wanted to know what happened, and how it happened....And I remember, my husband asked him, 'Who is going to foot the bills?' And he said, 'We don't know that, sir.'"

Metro spokeswoman Carolina Mendoza wouldn't tell Hair Balls anything more than the insipid statement-by-numbers the department gave the Chron: "We have real empathy for Ms. Acosta and what she experienced. Since the matter is now in litigation, we're unable to comment further."

Really? How about this: is Acosta full of shit? Did a weeping Lambert actually rush to her bedside with a bunch of roses and an open checkbook? Because if so, Metro, now might be a good time to say so -- you know, to maybe fill in those people called "the public" you're ostensibly here to serve and protect.

But that's the thing about the public -- they can be real a pain in the ass. They take an errant bullet in a shoulder while minding their own business, and they want a freakin' apology -- can you imagine? What audacity. Fucking crybabies.

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