Get That Dog A Xanax!

Whenever there’s a tropical storm or hurricane anywhere in the vicinity, they start coming in like clockwork – press releases about being prepared for the storm. So yeah, Dolly isn’t

headed for us

, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t receiving wise counsel from the experts on how to flee. We even heard from dog trainer Kathy Santo about evacuating with your pet.

If you followed all of Santo’s recommendations on what to put in your “Pet Survival Kit,” you wouldn’t have any room left in your car – besides, like, food, water and a leash, she also wants you to bring things such as his favorite blanket (does your dog have a favorite blanket?) and toys.

Oh, and also: a healthy supply of Relieve De Stress. It’s an herbal alternative to prescription tranquilizers for your pet, and a “must-have inclusion in every dog owners’ pet survival kit...specifically formulated to relieve stress and anxiety related to severe storms, traveling and unfamiliar surroundings such as hotel rooms or shelters.”

Everybody’s got something to sell, we suppose. Hey, at least they’re offering free samples. Wonder how Relieve De Stress would work on a human?

Cathy Matusow

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