Get Your Beatles Rock Band On Tonight With The Houston Press

If you're a Beatles fan -- and who isn't? (Besides me, and maybe that's just because I've heard the music too much, although I've never gotten into Sgt. Pepper, and some of the early stuff is really...but I digress) -- tonight's the night to show your chops.

The Houston Press has its hands on a Beatles Rock Star game, and we're hosting a competition tonight to see who can....ummmm...."hold its hand" the best? Who can "make it gently weep"? Who can "do it (not) in the road"? We give up.

But it should be a fun time. Our Craig Hlavaty and Chris Gray will be trying it, as will members of Beatles cover band Beetle.

They'll be prizes for best playing and for best costume, not to mention Beatles-inspired cocktails ("Everybody's Got Something to Hide Except for Me and My Jaegermeister"? Man, we suck at this.)

Where is all this happening?

At Coffee Groundz, the place that boycotts the letter "S" because it's a Beatles place, man, not a Stones place. It's at 2503 Bagby.

Sign up starting at 6 p.m.; the competition begins at 7 p.m.

And don't worry if you struggle at first; we're sure your playing will be -- ha ha!! -- "Getting Better" in no time!! (We'll retire now from our song-punning career.)

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