Get Your Immigrant Hands Off Our Armani!

This angry missive arrived in our inbox the other day:

I have a story idea that I find enraging. I work at the Galleria and monthly they send out a bulletin about sales figures and events. Well on the list of events they list 7 Mexican Holidays (including Mexican Independence Day, Mexican Revolution Day etc,.) However there is NO mention of OUR Independence Day, Labor Day, Memorial Day. The only America specific holiday they list is Thanksgiving Day... WTF?! Is this still America or did I move south of the border and not realize it?

So we asked the anonymous tipster to fax us a copy of the list, which he did. You can check it out here.

As everyone (except apparently the tipster) knows, the Galleria is a hotspot for rich Mexican nationals. They fly in, shop their huevos off and fly home. But sure, he does have a point that some prominent U.S. holidays — Labor, Memorial and Independence — aren't mentioned. But here's the thing: If you look closely at the top of the list, the first sentence says: "Following is a list of the events that we have scheduled to date."

That doesn't mean the Galleria doesn't recognize the other holidays. It just means Houston's �ber-mall hasn't finalized any event plans for those dates yet. And once the Galleria finishes off the preparations for its Labor Day celebration, complete with maimed child workers and cancer-ridden coal miners (on ice!), we're sure that holiday will make the list too.

Either that, or the Galleria hates America. We report. You decide. — Keith Plocek

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.