Gettin' Kinda Crowded -- Texas Grows More Than Any Other State In Past Year

Further proof that we're not being hit as hard in the Great Recession as some -- Texas added more residents in the past 12 months than any state in the union, the Census Bureau reported today.

Texas added 478,000 residents in the previous 12 months, beating out California, which added almost 100,000 fewer. Other states with big gains included North Carolina (134,000), Georgia (131,000) and Florida (114,000).

Overall, "the population of the United States has grown more than 9 percent to 307,006,550 since the 2000 census," CNN reported. "The population grew 0.86 percent since last year's estimates."

Governor Rick Perry's office sent the CNN story out to reporters in an e-mail blast.

Only three states shrank over the year, all by less than a percentage point: Michigan, Maine and Rhode Island.

The biggest percentage gain came in Wyoming. It grew 2.12 percent to reach a total population of 544,270, bless their hearts.

How the growth will affect future apportionment of House seats will come after the official 2010 Census figures are released, but obviously things look good for the Lone Star State.

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