Getting Famous for Doing Nothing

So you’re browsing through titles at the local adult video store when – bam! – you see your name on the box for “Young Cheerleaders Swap ‘n Swallow 2.” Oh, Houstoned, you crazy blog, you say, that could never happen in real life – or can it?

This nightmare became a reality for Houstonian Syvette Wimberly, who was recently made aware that a girl she went to high school with in Kingwood is now a porn star performing under Wimberly’s name. The Smoking Gun has the civil complaint filed in Harris County Court on July 3. Wimberly is suing Lara Madden for lots of stuff, including “invasion of privacy,” which actually makes a pretty good porno title. This whole saga makes me wonder whatever happened to my old high school friend Boobs McJuggs… -- Craig Malisow

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