Getting Gluttonous With 100 Peeps in Two Minutes

YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook. The Mount Rushmore of viral fame-spawning mechanisms.

Never has "getting one's 15 minutes" been easier, never has notoriety been more accessible and never has the bar been lower for what qualifies as "newsworthy." Making news doesn't require greatness, just an iron stomach.

Just ask Matt Stonie.

No not South Park co-creator Matt Stone, I'm talking about college student Matt Stonie. Stonie goes to school in California and by day, and by night competes on the competitive eating circuit. In an attempt to gain fame and fortune, and in taking advantage of the Easter holiday (what timing!), Stonie set out recently to break the world record for "Peeps eaten in two minutes."

Stonie, who goes by the moniker "Megatoad" on the eating circuit, has a résumé that is pretty stout, including world titles in Indian taco, gyoza and slugburger eating.

But Peeps, man. 100 sugar-covered marshmallows in two minutes? Let's see how he did...

Ohhhhh, so close. 2 minutes and 10 seconds! I can't even begin to imagine how that feels in his stomach (guessing it feels like he just swallowed a bucket of liquified plaster). I don't even want to know what technicolor waste comes out the other side. Matt Stonie, I hope that was worth it.

Also, Happy Easter, everybody!

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.