Giants Win. You’re Welcome.

Tom Coughlin, you’re welcome. Eli Manning, me and you are now the co-owners of New York City. Plaxico Burress, you owe me. Mercury Morris, you don’t look like such a crazy old man now. Yeah, you guys were all good. But really, everyone knows who the Super Bowl MVP really was.


But John, you’re saying. You picked the Patriots to win. And you picked the Patriots to win by a score of 56-17. So how are you the MVP?


The John Royal Jinx. Even my colleague Jason Friedman has acknowledged the John Royal Jinx. He’s even said that it is more powerful than the so-called Sports Illustrated cover jinx.

So by my picking the Patriots, and by picking them by such a large margin, I put the jinx on them. And I’m rather happy about that in that I’m not the world’s biggest Patriots fan. I don’t like Bill Belichick’s general attitude. I don’t like how Tom Brady is seemingly made of Teflon. I don’t like how the media was never outraged about Rodney Harrison’s role on the Patriots, especially after Harrison’s HGH suspension. And don’t get me started on Spygate.

And as I write this, it’s over an hour after what my friend Glenn is calling The Play. The Play where Eli Manning somehow escaped a sack with time running down on the clock and somehow found David Tyree who just somehow managed to make one of the most incredible catches that I’ve ever seen. Yet to show just how bad Fox Sport’s post game was, The Play, which all of the Giants referenced in their interviews on Fox, was never replayed. The touchdown passes were shown. The big sacks of Tom Brady were shown. Howie Long even talked about The Play, yet I had to flip it over to ESPN and The NFL Network to make sure that I’d even witnessed The Play.

I realize The Play wasn’t for a score. That it didn’t end the game so it’s not Joe Montana to Dwight Clark. But damn, did you see The Play? And the Giants don’t win the game without Eli Manning channeling his big brother – and hell, I’m a big Peyton Manning fan and I’ve never seen Peyton come close to pulling off anything like The Play – yet Fox can’t find any way to play the replay in the post game.

But enough of the ranting. Eli, you’re welcome. I’m glad my jinx helped. And if you want to give me the Cadillac, I’ll gladly take it off of your hands. -- John Royal

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