Go Speed Racer Go!! (Just Not This Weekend)

The Harris County Sheriff's Office has announced a crackdown on street racing this weekend.

They're not saying exactly what they'll be doing ("tactics will not be disclosed at this time"), but the HCSO will be teaming with the Precinct 5 Constables office (and DPS), so that should give you some idea of where they will be. (West side represent!)

Gee, will the operation involve arresting everyone within the area, including the offspring of well-to-do, well-connected parents, resulting in an embarrassing black eye for law enforcement?


"This is not a zero tolerance traffic initiative," said Chief Kevin Maples, head of the HCSO's Reserve. "We are going after the select group of people who, for whatever reason, do not feel the traffic laws of the state of Texas apply to them. We will catch you and we will arrest you."

Street racing is a Class B misdemeanor offense, punishable with a fine not to exceed $2,000 and a jail term not to exceed 180 days.

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Richard Connelly
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