Go Texan Day Looms: The Five Horrible Aspects

Friday is Go Texan Day, the annual marking of the beginning of the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo. Everyone is encouraged to dress up in western gear, or cowboy stuff, or just wear a snap-button shirt.

It's a charming little tradition, and we want everyone to fully take part by sending us pictures of you and your pals in your finery tomorrow. Send them to the Houston Press Flickr page, and we just may post them for everyone to see you say howdy.

Like we say, Go Texan Day can be fun. But it does have its horrors. Here are five:

5. The officemate who looks like he belongs in the Village People Face it, some folks are just not meant to dress like a cowboy. They usually work in your office.

4. The friend visiting from out of town Believe us, no matter how many times you explain that this is a special thing, and that really, no one dresses like this in downtown Houston usually, they will head back home utterly convinced that Houstonians walk around in fringed skirts and cowboy boots on a typical workday.

3. The sassy secretary We've tried to warn you about this before:

There is a certain species of secretary, usually from Deer Park or Pasadena, who thinks the ultimate in flirtatious dress is a Western outfit. They therefore will produce slightly more swing to the hips as they traipse around, convinced that every male they pass is secretly harboring cowgirl fantasies. They are wrong.

2. The realization that you should have broken those new boots in You decide to go all-out for Go Texan Day even though you're from up north. It's a perfect chance to indulge in your first pair of cowboy boots, right? Check with us about eight hours into the workday, when your enthusiasm might have waned, especially if your job entails walking around.

1. The last-minute scramble to find an outfit for your first-grader You're busy. You haven't really noticed Go Texan Day is approaching. But your kid is bursting at the seams with excitement about the big day; in fact, he's so pumped he couldn't bring himself to mention it to you until bedtime Thursday. Off you go, to peruse the finest in bandannas and cheap cowboy hats CVS or Randalls has to offer.

But remember -- all these terrors can be overcome. And we shall overcome! So celebrate, and send us your pictures. Even you, Village People-looking dude.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.