God Hates Idiots: Westboro Baptist May Protest the Rockets/Thunder Game Wednesday Night

In yet another startling display of idiocy from Fred Phelps and the members of the Westboro Baptist "church," they have threatened to protest game five of the first round series between the Houston Rockets and Oklahoma City Thunder Wednesday night because Jason Collins came out as gay this week and Thunder forward Kevin Durant -- among MANY other NBA players -- voiced his support for Collins.

The geniuses behind Westboro have protested everything from the funeral of soldiers and children to concerts and parades. It is honestly hard to imagine just what the hell they are protesting for. It seems to be something about hating homosexuals and thinking the world is ending, but who knows with these morons.

If they do indeed picket in OKC Wednesday night, it would be yet another in a long line of jackass moves by Phelps and company. But, it's gotten to the point now that they are so ridiculous, they've become caricatures of themselves. Instead of placard-waving protestors for God's wrath upon the earth, their entire organization has morphed into the kind of freak show they believe they are protesting.

Probably the best example of how to deal with such inanity was demonstrated by the Foo Fighters outside of their show in Kansas City. They got picketed by WBC and here is what happened.

The folks in OKC have experience with these clowns after the bombing of the federal building there and the subsequent funerals. I would never advocate violent protest against any group, these asshats included. But, I'm sure fans will come up with some creative way to neutralize them before game five. Inside the arena, we might be enemies, but outside that building Wednesday night, if WBC shows up, Houston has your back, OKC.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.