Good-Bye, Regional HISD Officers: It's Reorg Time

Houston school superintendent Terry Grier has said he's been a little baffled by the way the district organizes the top ranks of its bureaucracy by geography.

Regional superintendents, he believes, are redundant. So today he's announced the new way of doing things, with three chief officers handling -- districtwide -- policies on the elementary, middle school and high school level.

The so-called Chief School Officers will start work in their new posts immediately, although the regional supervisors will continue until the end of the year.

Overseeing all elementaries is Sam Sarabia, who's been the regional supervisor for District 4; for middle schools it's Terence Johnson, who has been part of the principal-training program for the charter program KIPP; and over high schools will be David Simmons, former superintendent of Richardson schools, a Dallas suburb.

Meaning Grier went out of the district for two of the three jobs.

 "We were looking for people who align with our values and beliefs, hold themselves and others accountability for results with students and a proven record in leading schools," he said. "I believe the new organizational structure and the quality of leaders will serve as a strong foundation for building the necessary system of supports our principals, teachers and students need to be successful."

He said the three had each had been successful in leading reform efforts and were found through what was described as an extensive national search.

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