Good Jolb

Kolb could be the best thing from UH since, um...

Just about every college-football analyst with brain cells is declaring Notre Dame QB Brady Quinn as the front-runner for the Heisman Trophy. If he gets injured, then it's Oklahoma's Adrian Peterson.

If AP goes down again — or somehow fails to meet the exacting academic standards of OU — who's in the running? According to some Houstonians, it's UH's own QB Kevin Kolb.

Kolb has a few things going against him. He pronounces his name "Cobb," so voters checking out their ballots won't know who the hell this guy Kolb is. Second, he plays for UH, which is part of Conference USA, whose teams are known by most fans only because of their willingness to play any day of the week and time of day that they're asked to by ESPN. Or any outlet with a camera.

What Kolb has going for him is his snazzy new official Web site.

A review: The home page features highlights backed by a cover version of Joe Jackson's "Got the Time." Having a 27-year-old song is somewhat appropriate, since that was about the last time UH was any good. (The embarrassing John Jenkins years, where they'd pile up 95 points on hapless opponents like Eastern Washington, don't count.)

The highlights consist of Kolb bombs, which tend to nestle in a Cougar receiver's hands only after sailing past acres and acres of empty seats. (Coog Fever — Catch It!)

Kolb shows himself to be a master of blogging. He has only one entry, but when you offer an attention-grabbing intro like this: "Hey Coogs, it has been a pretty slow week for me" — you know good things are coming. And he delivers, with this finish: "Everything else seems pretty peachy, so no excuses why we won't be conference champs!"

On an "Under the Helmet" questionnaire, we learn that, to Kolb, the Most Embarrassing Thing that Happened to Me was "I was misquoted in a TV interview." Which seems pretty tough to do, really — you could have one of your quotes taken out of context, maybe, but it's kind of hard to misquote someone being shown in a video clip.

At any rate, should Quinn, Peterson and a half-dozen others fall, Kolb is ready to accept the Heisman. We wish him the best of luck. -- Richard Connelly

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