Good Lord: Are The Texans About To Make A Playoff Run?

Nothing hurts our head more than calculating NFL playoff scenarios, with the possible exception of getting hit directly on the skull by a 50-pound block of ice.

So we will leave those calculations to more-obsessed people, but we do know this: If the Texans win out, they may make the playoffs.

Yeah, yeah, you say, and if Wade Phillips could instill some discipline, he'd be headed for the Super Bowl.

We agree it's highly unlikely that the Texans are playoff-bound, but....but....look at their remaining schedule.

-- Monday night they play Baltimore at home. This, obviously, is huge. Baltimore's got a great defense, yaddi yaddi -- hey, they're not as good as they were. And they're coming off one of the most physical games in years, it seems, the old-tyme football defensive war against Pittsburgh. The game is at Reliant, it's Monday Night Football -- it could happen.

-- After that, things start looking up real quickly. At the Titans? Coach Jeff Fisher is reeling, the team has either quit or is in revolt, and the quarterback situation is laughable. If the Texans can't win this one, they don't deserve the playoffs.

-- Then it's at Denver. Tennessee's coach may be reeling, but Denver's coach is already gone. And their QB situation is just as hilariously terrible as the Titans, although it doesn't involve Vince Young acting like a three-year-old. Again, on the road, sure, but eminently winnable.

-- That brings it all down to Jacksonville at home. By this time, in the wake of three wins -- believe us, the bandwagon will be filled, the media will have forgotten the horrors of this season, the crowd will be dangerously loud....and the Texans will probably lay an egg.

But hey, it will have been another December to remember for Houston's NFL fans.

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Richard Connelly
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