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Good Place to Chase Tail

After yesterday's crappy dog story, it's nice to see some good news regarding Houston mutts.

People for Ethical Treatment of Animals — you know 'em as PETA — has announced their list of Top 10 Dog Parks in North America. And wouldn't ya know it, our own Millie Bush Dog Park is number two overall. Top honors went to Point Isabel Dog Park in Richmond, California.

PETA calls Millie Bush park (named for Barbara Bush's dog) a "truly presidential suite" of dog parks, and praise its walking trails, agility courses, dog showers, fire hydrants, sandboxes and dog-controlled fountains. Sez their materials:

"Everyone needs to be 'unleashed' occasionally, and that's particularly true for dogs. Adding a stop at the Millie Bush Dog Park to your travel plans will ensure fun for every member of the family."

Ha! You see what they did there? "Unleashed?" Those PETA folks.

Anyhoo, we're proud of our local pooch park and are pretty sure folks and their four-legged friends will flock to the west side hotspot.

Oh, and we're pretty sure this is highest approval rating a Bush has ever gotten for anything. Just sayin'. — Steven Devadanam

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