Good Week for the 'Stros

Okay, I really hope that all of you are bowing to the magnificence that is one Hunter Pence. Do I like this kid? Well, you should have figured the answer to that by now. I hope that you guys are liking him just as much.

The Astos beat the Giants last night 2-1. The winning run came off a fourth inning Hunter Pence home run. This homer was a monster of a shot over the choo-choo train.

I love baseball games like last night’s. There was excellent pitching from Chris Sampson and the Giants’ Noah Lowry – Lowry pitched the entire game for the Giants. And the Astros bullpen kept the Giants shut down after Sampson left the game.

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There’s not really much else to note.

Chris Sampson got the win, and he became a father on Tuesday night. The Astros record is now 20-19.

Tonight’s game matches Roy Oswalt against the new Giant wunderkind, Tim Lincicum. This could be a really fun one. -- John Royal

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